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We’re learning a lot and so will you. Similar to Jon, I’ve been making a profit using Airbnb. I don’t own the place I’m renting out. Most people think the numbers only work when you own property. Here’s my experience renting out apartments for myself, and then making a profit on top of the rent I paid, all using Airbnb. As with most things, it started slow and ramped up.

Revenue numbers and pictures are included below. To date I’ve rented out apartments on Airbnb in 4 locations, in 3 different countries. How it started Back in 2011, I was a poor entrepreneur living in South America for Startup Chile’s round one program. This had to cover my cost of living and a few developers. If you do the math it wouldn’t last long. Lucky for me, I found a two bedroom apartment in a touristy area close to downtown Santiago. 1 in Santiago, Chile My first place in Santiago was located in the Lastarria neighborhood.