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It doesn’t include information on domain names or military networks. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. 2008 for scholars involved in the practice and study of economics, finance, and business worldwide. Two of those conferences are held in Europe or Asia, and the other is held in Istanbul, Turkey. EBES is a non-partisan, scholarly association dedicated to the discussion and publication of business and economics research and aims to advance the economic and business knowledge and the profession.

While the focus of EBES is Eurasia region, our membership base covers all over the world. Members of EBES are employed by academic or government institutions, as well as in industry and non-profit organizations, and engage in a variety of teaching, research, and outreach activities. Any person who has been engaged in full-time or part-time teaching, research, or study in the fields of economics and business are welcome at EBES. EBES encourages the advancement of knowledge and learning in the field of economics and business. One of our main objectives is to provide a means of professional communication and exchange for our members. Since 2015 we have also started to honor academicians for their lifetime contributions to their fields and recognize outstanding achievements and service to the profession through EBES Fellow.