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In this June 2, 2017, file photo, Thai pop band BNK 48 performs for the first time in Bangkok. A popular Thai music act has apologized amid a scandal set off when one of its members wore a shirt showing the swastika flag of Nazi Germany during a performance. A soldier views the site inside a Roman Catholic cathedral in Jolo, the capital of Sulu province in the southern Philippines after best english newspaper bombs exploded Sunday, Jan.

Too often people die of an opioid overdose because no one’s around to notice they’re in trouble. Now scientists are creating a smartphone app that beams sound waves to measure breathing – and summon help if it stops. Novak Djokovic was so good, so relentless, so pretty much perfect, that Rafael Nadal never stood a chance. Are we ready for autonomous motoring? Nearly eight months after one of its autonomous test vehicles hit and killed an Arizona pedestrian, Uber wants to resume testing on public roads. Think of it as a crop circle, but in a river. George Washington faced some big problems as he tried to fortify New York City against British forces in the summer of 1776.

Amateurs can now achieve results which were once the domain of the professional photographer, and fill-in flash is just one of these. And one reason is the availability of instant feedback with digital cameras. It’s always seemed rather curious to me that while the USA has the United States Postal Service, the man who delivers your letters is called a mailman. After being driven to drink and the edge of madness, mainly by Phil Mogg, whilst playing in the band UFO, Michael Schenker cut his hair and regrouped. Glass, as he prefers to be called, was by far the most compelling part of M. Glass is that kind of charismatic supervillain that you can’t get enough of.

Robots that walk, talk, pour beer and play ping pong have taken over the CES gadget show in Las Vegas again. Just don’t expect to find one in your home any time soon. An asteroid-circling spacecraft has captured a cool snapshot of home. NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft took the picture days before going into orbit around asteroid Bennu on New Year’s Eve. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Andy Wilson replaces Vinny Barruco on The Beat 92. Jennifer Lynn Walker: Are you financially ready to buy property?

A battle has been brewing on the CSL Ideas Facebook page in recent days as to whether women should be able to attend events held at the 700-member Côte St. Luc Men’s Club, located at CSL’s Aquatic and Community Centre. Téo Taxi, the Montreal-based electric taxi company, is shutting down for good. Fake it until you make it.

Canadian artists and creators help different audiences discover the world through art. Lakeshore Players Dorval presents The Odd Couple, Female Version starting Feb. Within The Glass at The Segal Centre from March 27-31. Growing up, I was a pretty good kid. Buying a house is a big investment. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT “BEE-GLUE”? Is there anything more comforting and delicious than authentic fried chicken?

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