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Greg Palast in his NYC office. Greg is the brother of Geri Palast. Palast was born in Los Angeles, growing up best newspaper for investors the San Fernando Valley community of Sun Valley. Palast spoke at a Think Twice conference held at Cambridge University and lectured at the University of São Paulo.

He lives in New York City. After subsequently noticing a large proportion of African-American voters were claiming their names had disappeared from voter rolls in Florida in the 2000 election, Palast launched a full-scale investigation into voter fraud, the results of which were broadcast in the UK by the BBC on their Newsnight show prior to the 2004 Election. Palast appeared in the 2003 documentary film, Florida Fights Back! Resisting the Stolen Election, along with Vincent Bugliosi, former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney and author of The Betrayal of America. In May 2007, Palast said he’d received 500 emails that former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove exchanged through an account supplied by the Republican National Committee. After Palast was invited by Robert F.

Air America talk show to discuss, among other things, election fraud, the pair teamed up to find out if democracy was in a better state in 2008. In 1988, Palast directed a U. Palast has also taken issue with the official story behind the grounding of the Exxon Valdez, claiming the sobriety of the Valdez’s captain was not an issue in the accident. Palast points out that the original owners of the land, the local Alaska Natives tribe, took only one dollar in payment for the land with a promise not to pollute it and spoil their fishing and seal hunting grounds. Starting in 2007 Palast published a series of investigations on what aid groups and investors call “vulture funds”. A vulture fund is a private equity or hedge fund where companies or people buy the debt of a poor country and litigate to recover the funds, often at the expense of aid and debt relief. Singer, through a brilliantly complex financial manoeuvre, took control of Delphi Automotive, the sole supplier of most of the auto parts needed by General Motors and Chrysler.