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The Economist Newspaper Limited, trading economist magazine online The Economist Group, is a British multinational media company headquartered in London and best known as publisher of The Economist. Pearson sold their share in the Economist.

287m to raise their stake from 4. Free-Trade Journal by James Wilson in 1843. In 1946, the Economist Intelligence Unit began providing business intelligence to both The Economist magazine and external clients. In the same year, the Economist bookshop was established as a 50:50 joint venture with the London School of Economics.

Economist Conferences was established as a division of Economist Intelligence Unit in 1956 to offer government roundtables. In 1995, The Economist Group acquired the Journal of Commerce, a US-based provider of information for the shipping and transportation industries. In the same year the Group launched European Voice, the first pan-European Union weekly newspaper. In July 2004, The Economist Group launched an upmarket lifestyle magazine called Intelligent Life, an annual publication. This magazine was redesigned as a quarterly in September 2007, and became a bi-monthly publication in August 2011. In March 2016, the magazine was renamed 1843. Launched in 2010, the Ideas People Channel is a vertical online advertising network of around 50 sites defined by the mindset of the audience.