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I Never Thought I Would Find A Ratings Service As Successful As Yours. In addition, grantmakers sometimes require a narrative of budget items, long-term funding sources, and an empirical analysis. Provide a clear, concise overview of the organization, purpose and reason for and amount of the funding request. Be sure to show how your proposal furthers the grantmaker’s mission, goals and matches the funder’s grant application guidelines. Cover Letters should be typed on letterhead. Also called an executive summary, this case statement and proposal summary is the most important component of your proposal.

Summarize all of the key information and convince the grantmaker to consider your proposal for funding. Objectively address specific situation, opportunity, problem, issue, need, and the community your proposal addresses. Definition of community problem to be addressed and service area need. Minimum of one goal for each problem or need in the problem or statement. Performance – the action which occurs within a specific time frame at an expected proficiency. Process – the method by which the action will occur.

Product – the tangible results from the action’s performance and process. Sequence of activities, staffing, clients and client selection. Plan for evaluating accomplishment of objectives. Plan for modifying process and methodology. Provide methods – criteria, data, instruments, analysis. For specific projects, include separate budgets for the general operating and the special project.

List actual committed and pending sources of income only. Include project costs to be incurred at the time of the program’s implementation. Include no miscellaneous or contingency categories, include all items requested for funding, and all items to be paid by other sources, consultants. Detail fringe benefits separately from salaries, detail all OTPS costs. List separately all donated services, including volunteers, indirect costs where appropriate. Sufficiently justify performance of the tasks described in the narrative. Describe applicant, qualifications for funding and establish credibility.