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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. New magazine on the Move: Week Ending Feb. They’re guiding flat EPS year-over-year, at a time when GDP is growing strongly and competitive intensity is so benign.

Relax and unplug with our award-winning coverage. Skip to content, or skip to search. Frank Rich Writer-at-Large for New York Magazine. Will Trump Follow Through on His Incredibly Dumb Shutdown Threat? If he does trigger a shutdown, he will set his party back even further than he already has. He is also stepping up his efforts to discredit democratic institutions.

That will diminish the moral authority of his decisions. A Moment of Truth for Brett Kavanaugh? Given the threats she’s braving, it is hard to blame Christine Blasey Ford if she elects not to testify in Washington on Monday. But there is hope yet in American politics.

Embassy showcased the panorama of bigotry and mobsterism at the top of both the American and Israeli governments. But it plays to one of the president’s key vulnerabilities. But there’s more they need to do. Why will none of his GOP colleagues back him up? It merely shows he’s as erratic and unprincipled as he’s ever been. But the ownership is clear to all.

But this is Trump’s White House we’re talking about. But what seems clear is that this is only the beginning of what investigators could uncover. Devin Nunes Has Delegitimized the House’s Russia Probe. That Might Be a Good Thing. It has proven to be a sideshow and partisan sham, anyway.

Time for Senate investigation to take precedence. After Flynn, Will Republicans Finally Stand Up to Trump? And if not, what will it take? Trump’s Speech Gave Us America the Ugly.

The language was violent and angry. It was a warning about what Americans need to protect. But Twitter will only take him so far in the White House. Some of our most cherished ideals are gone.