Profitable farming ideas

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Hydroponic systems can be lit by LEDs that mimic sunlight. Software can ensure that all the plants get the same amount of light, water profitable farming ideas nutrients.

Proper managements means that no herbicides or pesticides are required. The term “vertical farming” was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 in his book Vertical Farming. His use of the term differs from the current meaning—he wrote about farming with a special interest in soil origin, its nutrient content and the view of plant life as “vertical” life forms, specifically relating to their underground root structures. Mixed-use skyscrapers were proposed and built by architect Ken Yeang. Yeang proposes that instead of hermetically sealed mass-produced agriculture, plant life should be cultivated within open air, mixed-use skyscrapers for climate control and consumption.

Ecologist Dickson Despommier argues that vertical farming is legitimate for environmental reasons. He claims that the cultivation of plant life within skyscrapers will require less embodied energy and produce less pollution than some methods of producing plant life on natural landscapes. Despommier’s concept of the vertical farm emerged in 1999 at Columbia University. It promotes the mass cultivation of plant life for commercial purposes in skyscrapers. Several companies have developed stacking recycled shipping containers in urban settings. Brighterside Consulting created a complete off-grid container system. Vertical farming in abandoned mine shafts is termed “deep farming,” and is proposed to take advantage of consistent underground temperatures and locations near or in urban areas.