What is the definition of profitable

Improved transport turned agriculture into a highly profitable business. It was profitable for them to produce large amounts of food. The 28 French stores what is the definition of profitable trading profitably. Changes were made in operating methods in an effort to increase profitability.

In fact he could scarcely have spent his time more profitably. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Instead the previously profitable businesses plunged into losses. Highly profitable companies should have more sense of public responsibility. That would see us running the business in a profitable manner. The moon in your money chart makes weekend work profitable. Within ten years they had built a large and highly profitable wholesale business.

Yet its existing businesses remained healthy and profitable. Many of our suppliers have enjoyed decades of very profitable growth through their business with us. We worked hard to make our time profitable. Regulation is making banking much less profitable than it used to be. Something you design and make could be profitable. They were running it like an international business and it is highly profitable. The business remains profitable and this is no time to sell assets like that.

Some of the venture capital investments could prove hugely profitable. The moon lights your success chart and work you do in your spare time is profitable. He has managed to turn his love of partying and clubbing into a profitable business. Audit and tax remain highly profitable but offer little growth. By the mid-1990s we were struggling to sustain profitable growth. Heathrow is larger, more profitable and better connected to the world’s leading cities.

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